Chefs Gala Invitation


Materials I have created for Chef’s Gala hosted by Walt Disney World benefiting United Way include: Invitations, Billboards, Pull-up Banners, Sponsor Packets, Auction Guides, Event Signage, Website, Flyers, Rack Cards and E-Communication Designs

United Way Rack Card Booklet


United Way depends on many different materials to showcase the great work they do in our communities.  Some of the materials I have created are: Pledge Cards, Rack Cards, Pocket Guides, Pull-up Banners, Television Spots, Newspaper Ads, Campaign Videos, Palm Cards, Flyers, Posters, Event Signage and E-Communication Designs.

United Way Annual Report


To recap the work United Way has done in our community I have created several materials including; Annual Reports, Leadership Registries, Infographics, and E-Newsletters.

Orlando Magic Life-Size Cutout


Working closely with different design teams in our community I have created materials that are used by companies and organizations like the Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, SunTrust Bank, Florida Hospital, Orange County Government, Orlando Sentinel, United Way – World Wide, and many more.

Arrowood Paddle Co. Logo Design


Not every client in a million dollar business but they deserve the same million dollar service.  I donate my skills to many small companies and entrepreneurs to help save them some money while starting their new company. I have worked with outdoor sports owners to yoga instructors, international IT start-ups and even the occasional European Non-Profit organization.

To see more of my work please visit https://issuu.com/chwbccOh and I also run my own side business making high quality costumes for Cos-Players around the world. And I do some occasional wood working project if I really want to make a mess. Check out my Facebook Page to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TheWookieWorkshop/)